Big Job? We've Got the Lumber!

If there's anything Central New York is known for, it's fresh air, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and a rich abundance of quality hardwoods and softwoods. At Bradford Millworks & Lumber, we do what any top mill should do… we convert this fine timber into superior cut lumber and milled wood products. 

When you're looking to build quality homes and buildings, we have all the lumber materials you need for strong, precise structural framing. 

Why is our lumber better?

We take pride in our wood processing from start to finish. That holds true from when the timber is harvested, to when it's broken down and sawed and dried into useful, quality lumber and milled products. We grade our lumber twice… once before going into the kiln and again after drying. Plus, we take our time drying our lumber properly, so the end product works best for your building projects.

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