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Bradford Millwork & Lumber employs an extremely fast and lean manufacturing process, along with a vast inventory of profiles. We manufacture moulding using only the highest quality lumber in the Finger Lakes region. We hold ourselves to a AWI standard for our milling process with KPI Knife marks per Inch. This gives our products a superior finish for the builder.

We have the capability to create or match any custom moulding profiles, including historic restoration profiles. All knife grinding is done in house to the highest standard. 6 Head Leadermac moulder, running at 8000 RPM produces high volume with the superior finish our customers love.

Why are our mouldings better? 

Our name is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship… The same quality for any size project, from small, custom jobs to large scale projects.

Our German made Weinig Gang Rip Saw allows us to complete orders quickly and efficiently while maintaining quality.

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